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Sophie Birch 

Poster by Sophie Giller and Chloe Lawrence

Text for the show by Chloe & Sophie.jpg

Text by Sophie Giller and Chloe Lawrence

Sez, Maisie, Chloe, Sophie B, Maisie.jpg

Chloe Lawrence, Saucy Sez, Masie Maris & Sophie Birch.

Sophie G detail 3.jpg

Sophie Giller - close up. 

Fran & the Saloon wall lol.jpg

Francesca Mollett  & salon wall.

Nancy Jug.jpg

Nancy Allen.

Lydia, Maisie, Sophie B.jpg

Lydia Brockles, Maisie Maris & Sophie Birch. 

Chloe & Sophie B.jpg

Chloe Lawrence & Sophie Birch.

Side window Night.jpg

Skippings Gallery. 

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